I am posting this on a Tuesday but whatever.

I spend hours stalking these women on the internet. I just spent the last hour googling pictures of one of them at the basketball games. Do I play basketball? No. I am too short. Do I understand basketball? Not by a long shot.

The other day (the whole of last week) I stalked the others’ fingers and toes. Am I weird? Yes. Wanna pray for me? Please do.

Why am I exposing my weirdness? I have no actual clue.

My two women crushes for the last few years (one more recent than the other)



And Shirley B. Eniang


Look at the beauty 😍😍

The combination, as unlikely as it may be, is what I want to be. Not a singer (recipe for disaster) or a Youtuber (another disaster) but strong.

I want to grow up relishing in who I am. Strong. Unafraid. Swag like nothing else. The ability to pull of pink hair.

I want to be confident in my flaws and accepting that I can’t be perfect. Classy. Intelligent. Beautiful. Dress like a boss. Be a boss.

I want to be someone worth emulating. To be able to walk in heels without falling on my face.

I also want a tattoo 🙈

      This is not saying that I will be the new clone. Neither does it mean i will support all their decisions. But the lessons worth learning, I will learn.

Who is yours?



6 pic

I have been holding this in about 2 weeks now and after watching Raven Elyse’s rant on YouTube it is gushing out. I personally don’t have a problem with makeup, frankly I rock my dark lips and mascara but there is a fine, fine, fine line between makeup and cement.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times girls have walked up to me and told me to apply more makeup so as to attract the opposite sex and to look more ladylike. Ugh!! First of all being a lady has little or nothing to do with my outward appearance, I could jolly well be a well-dressed serial killer. Second of all, if your reason for looking good every morning is so that you can get hollered at, you need Jesus! Any man and I mean ANY man who isn’t happy with the person you are, makeup or makeup less does not deserve you! Look good because you want to look good. To those of you who are already in a relationship, there is a difference between choosing and being obligated to dress or look a certain way. If you like flats and sneakers and your man likes to see you in heels, you can CHOOSE to rock heels once in a while to make him happy. Don’t give yourself blisters and scabs for a man who is chilling in his Jordans. Candidly, the most important thing is that you are happy with the person you are within. And if he thinks what’s on the outside is more important than what is within, girl, kiss him goodbye!

I know a couple of girls out there who can’t go out for a walk or drive to the ATM without applying a boatload of makeup. At this point, makeup is no longer a hobby or a job, its competing with the air you breathe. Take a chill pill and learn how to embrace your crustiness! We are all crusty, I am crusty right now! Your fleekage can take a timeout. No real person gives a rats ass about what you look like without makeup but they are going to care if you are a bitch. So I suggest you put on your most ratchet sweatpants preferably with a couple of holes, wipe of the makeup and think about what’s really important to you. Makeup is meant to enhance your beauty while being fun, not to give you a whole new identity.

Till the next rant, farewell!!