I am posting this on a Tuesday but whatever.

I spend hours stalking these women on the internet. I just spent the last hour googling pictures of one of them at the basketball games. Do I play basketball? No. I am too short. Do I understand basketball? Not by a long shot.

The other day (the whole of last week) I stalked the others’ fingers and toes. Am I weird? Yes. Wanna pray for me? Please do.

Why am I exposing my weirdness? I have no actual clue.

My two women crushes for the last few years (one more recent than the other)



And Shirley B. Eniang


Look at the beauty 😍😍

The combination, as unlikely as it may be, is what I want to be. Not a singer (recipe for disaster) or a Youtuber (another disaster) but strong.

I want to grow up relishing in who I am. Strong. Unafraid. Swag like nothing else. The ability to pull of pink hair.

I want to be confident in my flaws and accepting that I can’t be perfect. Classy. Intelligent. Beautiful. Dress like a boss. Be a boss.

I want to be someone worth emulating. To be able to walk in heels without falling on my face.

I also want a tattoo 🙈

      This is not saying that I will be the new clone. Neither does it mean i will support all their decisions. But the lessons worth learning, I will learn.

Who is yours?


Who Is Prince Charming?


I don’t think I have really explained why this blog was created, it wasn’t in some desperate vie for attention and fame. This blog is my mind on the outside, the thoughts that flood my brain, the intricacies of life that keep me wide awake. My sincere wish and prayer is that someone out there can relate and that I can be of help. In light of all that, I was watching Disney Channel the other day (totally unrelated to this post). Go ahead, judge me. And I realized that as some people in the world are trying to be all gender equality conscious, like my mom always says, you can lead a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink, but there is a loose nut in the heads of a lot females. At the end of the day that’s how they are going to say I am anti-female, if that is such a thing but please hear me out.

I am growing up being the first child of the two, both being blessed to be females but I can’t count the amount of times girls have looked at me with such incredulity and asked me why my mom didn’t try for a boy. Those are the people whose faces my palms were itching to meet. I was younger then. But as I grow older, I realize that even though we keep complaining that men are sexist and don’t respect us. Half the guys reading this, just rolled their eyes. Yes, the world is changing and things unacceptable are becoming so. But one thing that has refused to change is the infuriatingly dependent nature of some females, now ladies want to kill me!

Girls my age are already filtering out men they want to marry, and mind you, those filters are not based on things the ideals, morals or dreams of the man. I know a girl whose paramount goal is to find a wealthy man to pamper her. I keep asking her why she can’t just make money on her own and then if she finds a wealthy man they can roll in the dough together, she ignores me. A woman with a goal and a life and her own way of making it work will always be more attractive than a girl who has nothing to bring to the table…I’m guessing, I’m no man. Get off your languid little behinds and get some work done!

Being a strong and independent girl doesn’t not mean you shouldn’t want to be with a man or want to be pampered. It means that you know that with or without the man you are going to be fine and you won’t change one bit. Yes, everyone deserves to be loved and yes, yes, yes having a man treat you like a queen is bomb but you are a queen regardless. No man, what’s so ever should be the focal point of your happiness.

Don’t goad and gauge men and don’t buy into the ideality that you are unimportant and unworthy beings. So if you are single and u have problems? Deal with them. You want to be loved? Call up your best friend. You want to be taken out? Take yourself out as a treat. And to girls in relationships for all the wrong reasons, no, no, no. That man is not your savior, personal chauffeur and lover wrapped up in one. Be able to be that for yourself. Get the wax out of your ears, the crud out of your eyes and smell the goddamn coffee and learn to be your own prince charming!

                                     “Though she be but little, she is fierce” – William Shakespeare

Now that I have gotten that off my chest! Till the next rant my loves! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thank you for reading.